This Fearow is a Normal/Flying-type Pokémon owned by Ash Ketchum.


Fearow was the leader of its flock. When Ash's Pikachu electrocuted one of the Spearow, it led an attack on Ash and Pikachu. Later, Pikachu fired a Thunder Shock at it, which caused it to faint and be captured by Ash.[1]

Fearow was used by Ash to battle Brock and made a brief appearance during Ash's celebration of his victory. It was sent out by Ash to battle against Misty, only for him to find it was having its beauty sleep. When Ash tried to wake it up, it flew to a rock and rested there. Ash threw its favorite soy sauce dumpling on Misty's head, who had adorned the hat during the time, and it grabbed the dumpling along with the hat, which it returned back to Ash.[2]

Fearow was used by Ash to prevent a horde of Mankey from escaping, which enabled Ash to capture one of them. They were soon chased by a horde of Beedrill.[3] It battled against Haunter along with other Pokémon to rescue Sabrina, but their combined efforts were proven ineffective against it. It attempted to counter Haunter's Night Shade by using its own via Mirror Move, but was overwhelmed by Haunter's power.[4]

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Known moves

  • Using Mirror Move


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