This Murkrow is a dark/flying-type Pokémon owned by Ariana.


Ariana sent Murkrow to battle Crystal. The latter's Monlee used Mach Punch on Murkrow, who endured the attack, and retaliated against Monlee.[1] Murkrow continued the battle, while Ariana and the rest of her Pokémon got hit by Silver's Rhyperior's Earth Power.[2] Murkrow flew off, to which Monlee used Bullet Punch to slam it to the ground. However, Murkrow pushed Monlee to the ground, defeating it.[3]

Murkrow was used to bind Arceus at the Sinjoh Ruins.[4] Ariana had Murkrow battle Crystal's Chumee, to block her from interfering with their plans involving Arceus. When Arceus was attacking, Murkrow lifted Ariana into mid-air.[5] Murkrow was still carrying Ariana, as Archer took control over Arceus.[6]

Known moves

  • Using Peck
  • Using Fly


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