For other variants of Gloom belonging to Ariana, see Ariana's Gloom.

This Gloom is a grass/poison-type Pokémon owned by Ariana.


Ariana sent Gloom to battle Crystal. The latter's Archy fired Flamethrower on Gloom, who endured the attack, and retaliated against Archy.[1] However, Silver sent Rhyperior, and equipped it with the Earth plate, to let out a strong blast to attack Ariana and Gloom.[2] Gloom continued the battle, and attacked Archy, who emitted Flamethrower to counter the attack.[3]

Ariana had Gloom bind Arceus, and take it to the Mystri Stage at the Sinjoh Ruins.[4]

Known moves

None of Gloom's moves are known.

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