This Arbok is a poison-type Pokémon owned by Ariana.


Arbok first appeared when she used it to throw Carr from his seat at Team Rocket's secret headquarters, so she and the other Executives could take command of the organisation and search for Giovanni.[1]

It suddenly sprung from under the ground and attacked Silver and Crystal, causing Silver to be flung in the air. Silver sent out his Honchkrow to dodge Arbok from the sky. Arbok used Glare, which paralyzed Honchkrow, making Silver let go of Honchkrow. Before he could do anything, Arbok used Poison Sting, pinning Silver to a tree. Crystal sent out her Pokémon to attack Arbok but were unable to land a hit as an explosion hit them in front, knocking them backwards. Out of the aftermath, Ariana, with her Pokémon appeared, with Arbok next to her. Ariana commenced a battle against Crystal, with Ariana looking like she had the upper hand. In retaliation for Bonee using Bonemerang, Arbok used Ice Fang on Bonee.[2] Suddenly, Silver sent out his Rhyperior. Ariana was in shock to see that it had the Earth Plate in its claw. Rhyperior used Earth Power, knocking Ariana and her Pokémon back.[3] With the continuation of the battle after Silver fled, Arbok used Wrap again, throwing Bonee into the gaping hole.[4]

Archer had Arbok, his Crobat and Houndoom and the Executives other Pokémon bring Arceus over to the Mystri Stage.[5][6]

Known moves


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