Aria is from Fall City.


Aria is a little self-absorbed at the beginning, but she starts to respect the player later on. Aria's partner Pokémon is never specified in the games, and she may not even have one. Aria later appears to notify the player about the rampaging Machoke by the clock in Fall City and asks the player to use it to prove themselves. Later, when the player is capturing the Grimer in the Waterworks she tells the player a hint in how to get across a gap. She appears briefly to clear some rockfalls in Krokka Tunnel before leaving to investigate the Go-Rock Squad. Later on she appears at the Jungle Relic to investigate the earthquakes. Soon after she declares she will calm the Entei, she breaks her Styler while trying to capture Clyde's Slaking. When the player goes to help Spenser by being a decoy, Aria shows up to treat the Charizard from the Jungle Relic. Just as the player arrives at the bottom of the Go-Rock Squad's base she gets a text message telling her to help protect Wintown. Aria later appeared in the special mission "Search the Safra Sea", where she does this mission with the player.

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