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This Delphox is a Fire/Psychic-type Pokémon owned by Aria. She first appeared as a Fennekin.


As Fennekin

Aria and Fennekin wanted to improve themselves in Pokémon Showcases.

A long time ago, Aria, who was training with Fennekin, had failed in her training. Palermo visited her, to which Aria claimed she would not give up until everything was over.[2]

Fennekin, along with Aria, were first seen in a Pokévision video Aria made, which was a popular video with a lot of views.[3]

As Braixen

Aria and Braixen in Aria's Pokévision video, shown by Shauna.

Eventually, Shauna showed to Serena and Bonnie the new PokéVision video of Aria, who performed with her newly evolved Braixen.[4]

Eventually, Aria and Braixen made their performance in Lagoon Town. Braixen used Fire Spin to present Aria. After playing with each other by throwing the stick to one another, Braixen used Fire Blast to end the performance.[5] While training with her Pokémon, Serena feared she may not reach Aria's level in Showcases, remembering her last performance with Braixen.[6]

As Delphox

Delphox's Fire Blast missing Serena's Pancham.

Posing as Arianna, Aria sent her Delphox, along with Aromatisse, in a Double Battle against Serena, who used Fennekin and Pancham. After Fennekin's Scratch got blocked by Aromatisse's Reflect, Delphox used Mystical Fire on Pancham,showing its own gracefulness and burning Pancham's rump. Fennekin launched a Flamethrower, which was countered by Delphox's Flamethrower. Fennekin was knocked down, so Pancham protected Fennekin from Aromatisse's Charge Beam. After Serena's Fennekin evolved into a Braixen, Arianna wanted to end the battle. However, she received a call and canceled the battle, calling Delphox and Aromatisse back into their Poké Balls.[7]

Along with Aromatisse and Aria, Delphox watched Serena's performance in Dendemille Town through a laptop.[8]

Serena and Eevee watched a video of a Top Performance featuring Aria, Delphox and Aromatisse.[9]

Delphox and Klefki are about to dance, with their trainers.

Arriving to the dance party at the castle, Aria danced with Monsieur Pierre and her Delphox danced with Klefki.[10]

Aria and Delphox, dressed for the Master Class tournament.

Aria dressed her Delphox for the Master Class tournament in Glorio City. There, Aria walked down the stairs with Delphox and wished everyone good time.[11] Delphox, along with Aria's Vivillon and Aromatisse, participated in the finals of the Master Class Tournament against Serena. Delphox used Mystical Fire and collided with Vivillon's Psybeam, dazzling the audience. Delphox finished the performance with Fire Blast. After Aria was voted to be the Kalos Queen, Serena, Aria and their Pokémon waved their hands to the audience.[2]

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