This Arcanine, nicknamed Arcky, is a Fire-type Pokémon owned by Keegan.


Ash riding Arcanine.

Keegan and Ramona had three Arcanine, from which one was Keegan's, nicknamed Arcky. The Arcanine served as mounts when they were transporting Fire Stones. When the heroes were in trouble, the Arcanine saved them, then transported them to safety. Ash was impressed, so Keegan gave him instructions how to ride one. Once Team Rocket stole the stones, the heroes, Ramona and Keegan split up. Ash and Keegan faced Jessie, who tricked them and they fell in a hole. Once Ash and Keegan got out, Ash rode Arcky, since Keegan had his arm injured. They managed to track down Team Rocket, who wanted to escape. Once Team Rocket were defeated, Arcky and Ramona's Arcanine transported them to the city, where they delivered the Fire Stones.

Known moves

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