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Archie is a character appearing in Pokémon: Advanced Battle, who is the boss of Team Aqua.


Archie is a strong man, who wears a blue bandana with Team Aqua logo on it. He also has a short black beard. Archie has a short moustache and a pale complexion. He wears black clothes and shoes, which have Team Aqua's emblem on the chest, as well as on his back. Archie also wears a necklace.


Archie's desire is to control the world by flooding the land. To accomplish this, he sought ways to find Kyogre and control it. Archie also doesn't care much for his subordinates and even betrayed them, for they were simply to carry out his orders to find the Red Orb.


Pokémon the Series: Ruby and Sapphire

Archie wields the power of the Red Orb.

Archie had Shelly infiltrate Team Magma's ship and free Kyogre. Shelly succeeded in the task and returned to Archie, who praised her. Waving the Red Orb, Archie had Kyogre destroy Team Magma's ship and laughed, seeing he and Kyogre could make a good team. Later, Archie came to Monsu Island and met up with Team Magma's leader, Maxie. Archie showed Maxie he found some spies among Team Aqua, who were to release Groudon and knew Maxie would sabotage the meeting. Archie showed the Red Orb, which he intended to use to control Kyogre and make Team Aqua rise up and control the world. Shelly also reported to Archie that someone also wanted to release Groudon, so Archie thought Maxie continued to send spies to release Groudon, even if Maxie claimed those were not his people.[1]

Archie is possessed by the Red Orb, as blue marks appear on his body.

Archie faces some new foes.

Archie admired Kyogre, who was under his control. As the Team Aqua members attacked Team Magma, Archie went on a helicopter with the Red Orb. He flew up and admitted he wanted to sink the island and betray his subordinates. Lance tried to warn Archie the Red Orb would take control of him, but Archie ignored him and refused to hand over the Red Orb. Archie used the Orb and had Kyogre attack Lance, who narrowly dodged the attack. Archie became even more power hungry and as the Red Orb was absorbed into him, he had Kyogre launch a tidal wave. Pikachu awakened Groudon and fought Archie's Kyogre. As a part of the plan, May and Brock sent Mudkip and Beautifly, which attacked Archie. Archie had Kyogre attack them, but Groudon launched Solar Beam, which defeated Kyogre. Thus, Archie's Red Orb was separated from his body. Archie fell off his helicopter, but was saved by Lance's Dragonite. Shelly tended to Archie, who woke up and did not remember anything. Along with Shelly, Archie watched as Kyogre went to the depths of the sea and Groudon went to the island's volcano.[2]



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