These Walrein are a group of ice/water-type Pokémon owned by Archie.


While walking from the Hoenn TV station towards his car, Archie sensed Maxie was nearby and sent Walrein to the battle. Maxie sent his Camerupt, who started attacking Walrein. Walrein tried to freeze Camerupt with its tusks, but Maxie reminded him Camerupt's Magma Armor prevented it from becoming frozen. Instead, Camerupt launched Eruption, which Walrein survived, since its Thick Fat ability reduced the damage from such attacks. Since Maxie proposed Archie to work together to go to Seafloor Cavern, Archie accepted the request and both leaders called their Pokémon back and ended the battle.[1] Later, as Matt wanted to go aboard the submarine, Archie's Walrein hit him, while Archie reminded Matt of his failure at Mt. Chimney.[2]

Maxie and Archie joined together to battle Ruby and Sapphire. Maxie sent Camerupt and Archie his Walrein, the latter getting hit by Ruby's Swampert, Mumu, and Sapphire's Blaziken, Chic. Just as Mumu attacked with Muddy Water, Camerupt launched Eruption and Walrein used Sheer Cold, which hit Sapphire and Ruby's Pokémon. Fortunately, Ruby's Castform defeated Maxie and Archie with Hail and Weather Ball.[3]

Walrein and Camerupt were sent to battle Ruby's Mumu and Sapphire's Chic. Chic used Sky Uppercut and Swampert fired Muddy Water, which defeated Camerupt and Walrein. However, Maxie sent more Houndoom and Archie sent more Walrein to battle Ruby and Sapphire, while the bosses tried to make their escape in their aircar.[4]

Archie used these Walrein when he was the Guile Hideout. Walrein teamed up with Masquerain against Gold's Polibo and Red's Poli when Archie sent them out to battle the Pokédex holders. Walrein, however, was easily defeated by the teamed up Polibo and Poli.[5]

Known moves

  • Using Sheer Cold


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