An apple is a consumable item, which debuted in Pokémon video game Hey You, Pikachu! When eaten in the Pokémon Mystery Dungeon games, it replenishes the belly by 50%.

Locations in Hey You, Pikachu!

In this game, apples are mostly common in the Ochre Woods. You are allowed to cross the rock bridge to find the apple tree in parts 2 and 3 of the same place. Only the green apple is in the Springleaf Fields. Pikachu likes the golden apple best.

Locations in Explorers of Time, Darkness, & Sky

Apples can be found on all floors & at any shop in Waterfall Cave, Apple Woods, Craggy Coast, Mt. Horn, Serenity River, Amp Plains, Treeshroud Forest, Landslide Cave, Lush Prairie, Tiny Meadow, Sky Peak, Mystery Jungle, Marine Resort, Oblivion Forest, Southeastern Islands, & Inferno Cave. They can also be found on all floors of Chasm Cave, Dark Hill, Sealed Ruin, Dusk Forest, Brine Cave, Hidden Land, Temporal Tower, Crevice Cave, Star Cave, Labyrinth Cave, Surrounded Sea, Miracle Sea, Aegis Cave, Spacial Rift, Dark Crater, Mt. Avalanche, Sky Stairway, & Final Maze.

  • Mystifying Forest (all floors & shops on 1F-4F & even floors)
  • Lost Wilderness (shops on 1F & even floors)
  • Shimmer Hill (shops on odd floors)
  • Midnight Forest (shops on 1F-4F & even floors)
  • Mt. Mistral (all floors & shops on 1F & even floors)
  • Concealed Ruins (1F-28F)
  • Bottomless Sea (1F-48F)
  • Treacherous Waters (all floors & shops 16F-19F)
  • Zero Isle East (all floors except 20F & any shop)
  • Zero Isle West (all floors & all shops except 14F, 29F, & 40F)
  • Zero Isle South (all floors except 20F & any shop 1F-89F)
  • Destiny Tower (all floors except 20F & any shop)


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