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This Primeape is a Fighting-type Pokémon owned by Ash, but is currently training with Anthony.


Primeape only had minor appearances, but it has a lot of personality. It is very mischievous, mercilessly vicious, extremely violent, almost always out of control, has a very short fuse and is prone to an explosive rage. This notably caused Ash to audibly reconsider using Primeape in a Gym battle against Erika. But under the explosively violent personality, it has a softer side, which allowed it to bond with Ash.

Primeape was very sad to leave his former master to train with Anthony; it only did this because Ash wanted Primeape to become stronger, as Primeape has hope that one day it will return to Ash.


The Beginning series

Ash spotted a Mankey and tried to catch it but failed, angering the Mankey in the process. In retribution, it stole his cherished hat, angering Ash. Later, it evolved to Primeape thanks to Team Rocket. Primeape chased Team Rocket and Ash's group, and it eventually finished Team Rocket off. Ash and Pikachu fell into a hole trap dug by Team Rocket. Pikachu used Thundershock on Primeape and Team Rocket. After Squirtle and Bulbasaur failed to weaken it, Ash used Charmander and its newly learned Rage attack to finally weaken it. Ash used his Poké Ball and he successfully captured it.

Ash later thought of using Primeape in his gym battle against Erika, but due to its explosive temper and disobedience, he decided not to use it.

In order to reunite a girl and her training obsessed father, Anthony, Ash entered Primeape in the P1 Grand Prix, the same tournament he was entering. During the tournament, Ash saved Primeape from falling onto the hard floor after being thrown from the ring and in the process finally gained its respect. After winning the P1 Grand Prix, Ash left Primeape to train with Anthony to become a true P1 Champ.

Black and White series

Later, it is seen in the opening scene of BW Adventures in Unova, along with Ash's other Pokémon. Also, Ash remembered his Primeape when he retrieved Charizard.

Known moves

Voice actors


  • Unlike Ash's other Pokémon in training, Primeape has not appeared since.
  • Primeape was the first pure Fighting-type Pokémon owned by a main character.