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This Pelipper is a Water/Flying-type Pokémon owned by Anthony.


Hearing about the trainer with the strongest Pokémon in the world, the heroes came to Anthony, who showed his Pelipper. Ash challenged Anthony to a battle, by sending Treecko, Taillow and Pikachu. Using Vine Whip and Flamethrower, Pelipper easily defeated Treecko and Taillow. Pikachu managed to collide with Pelipper, with both Pokémon using Thunder. Pikachu nearly defeated it; but with the two Pokémon quite hurt, Anthony and Ash canceled the battle. Team Rocket heard of this and made countermeasures against the mighty Pelipper to capture it, who executed the same moves in its previous battle. Once Team Rocket grabbed it, Pelipper had dropped Magby, Bellsprout and Magnemite, which Anthony put in Pelipper's mouth to gain advantage. Team Rocket managed to blackmail Anthony and trap him in a room, while they started challenging trainers (by using Pelipper) and take their Pokémon, as an stake for the battle. Hearing about this, the heroes went back to the battlefield, where Ash challenged Team Rocket (in disguise), by using Pikachu. Meowth, who was put inside Pelipper's mouth, sent some Pokémon for Pelliper to launch attacks, though Pikachu dodged the moves. Once Max found out Anthony was captured and Pelipper accidentally used Water Gun and got Meowth and the Poké Balls out of its mouth, Team Rocket tried to flee, but were eventually defeated, by a combination of Hydro Pump and Thunder. Anthony realized his mistake and stopped his scam, promising to train Pelipper the right way.

Known moves