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Anthea and Concordia are members of Team Plasma and N's foster sisters, who have knowledge of N's background and past. They first appear in Black and White; more specifically, in the game's intro.


Anthea and Concordia are two young women, with brown eyes. Concordia has yellow hair, tied into a braid with a blue band, with two locks standing out and wears a blue blouse, a white-yellow skirt with a ribbon and a pair of blue slippers. Anthea has long pink hair with two locks being over her chest, and wears a green cloak over her white shirt, a white-pink skirt with a ribbon and a pair of pink slippers.


Though they were raised by Team Plasma along with N, they are loyal to N, and are former members of Team Plasma.


Black and White

They tell the player more about N's backstory and Ghetsis. They also explain that they hold the mantle of the Goddesses of Team Plasma and were recruited to help heal N's wounded heart while keeping him company.

If the player speaks to Anthea, she will heal the player's Pokémon.

Black 2 and White 2

Both Anthea and Concordia appear in Driftveil City's Ex-Team Plasma member safehouse and they both provide more insight into N's backstory. They have no other known purpose in-game.

Other appearances



  • Anthea's name is the Latin word for "Formerly", while Concordia's is the Latin word for "Harmony".
  • Both have the same bracelets as N.
  • Concordia's hair is blue in the opening, but her sprite has blonde hair. This may simply be the lighting, however.
  • Both Anthea and Concordia appear in B2W2, in Driftveil City wearing formal clothing.
  • They are the only Team Plasma members to be able to battle and they have a minor role in the games.