Annie is an anime-exclusive character that appeared as the secondary antagonist in Pokémon Heroes. Annie is the partner and older sister of Oakley.


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Whilst not being nearly as proficient as her partner Oakley, Annie still excels in using her Pokémon. However, Annie's real skill comes through acrobatics, as she was able to do a multitude of cartwheels whilst simultaneously fighting Latios and Latias. This is shown in contrast to Jessie and James, who experienced difficulty in traversing a metal beam. Annie is also shown to use a set of goggles which enables her to see Latias and Latios when cloaked and disguised as Bianca. Annie and Oakley also make use of a remotely operated drone, in order to scour the city for the Eon Pokémon. These drones are fitted with a scanner that can discern between the lower body temperatures of a Pokémon and that of a human.


Annie has a somewhat laid back personality, only following in Oakley's stead in order to retrieve the Soul Dew, for reasons of personal gain. Oakley, on the other hand, wishes to use the Soul Dew's power to destroy Alto Mare, and capture the Eon Pokémon for Giovanni. Despite her somewhat laid back personality, Annie is shown to be able to retain her senses, as opposed to Oakley, who is overcome with the ultimate control the Defense Mechanism has granted her.


Annie and Oakley are prodigal members of Team Rocket, as shown when James recognises the pair instantly. They are known to be affiliated with Team Rocket, as the English Dub has the pair referring to a mission assigned to them by Giovanni. They went to Alto Mare to locate and steal the Soul Dew, Latios, and Latias to gain access to the Defense Mechanism of Alto Mare. Annie tried to hold off Ash and his friends but become worried when Oakley lost control of the machine. When she tried to save her she became trapped in it as well. In the end they were rescued and arrested by the police. But in the prison library they were reading a book about Lawrence III.


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Both she and Oakley are named after Annie Oakley, the same way other Team Rocket duos are named; such as Jessie and James, Butch and Cassidy, and Attila and Hun.

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