This Espeon is a Psychic-type Pokémon owned by Salon Maiden Anabel.


Anabel used her Espeon as the third and last Pokémon during her rematch battle against Ash and his Pikachu. Pikachu started the battle with Quick Attack and Espeon dodged the attack, using Quick Attack as well. Quick Attack hit Pikachu and Pikachu used Iron Tail but Espeon countered Pikachu's Iron Tail with its own Iron Tail. Pikachu then used Thunderbolt and Espeon dodged the attack, using Zap Cannon and hitting Pikachu. Pikachu once more used Thunderbolt and Espeon dodged it again, using Pyschic to counter. Espeon used Psychic again as it cancelled Pikachu's Quick Attack, sending Pikachu to the lamps. Pikachu's Thunderbolt was able to hit Espeon, shutting the lamps down as well, and Espeon couldn't receive the orders from Anabel telephatically anymore. Espeon used Zap Cannon but Pikachu was able to dodge the attack by hopping from lamp to lamp and Pikachu was able to hit Espeon with Thunderbolt and Iron Tail while the lights went back on. Espeon used Zap Cannon to counter Pikachu's Volt Tackle but the attack missed and Volt Tackle was able to knock Espeon out.[1]

Espeon appeared in a flashback with its trainer when Ash recalled his journey to earn every symbol from the Battle Frontier.[2]

Known moves

Move Episode/Chapter
Anabel Espeon Zap Cannon
Quick Attack Second Time's The Charm!
Iron Tail Second Time's The Charm!
Zap Cannon Second Time's The Charm!
Psychic (move) Second Time's The Charm!
+ indicates this Pokémon used this move recently.*
- indicates this Pokémon normally can't use this move.