This Alakazam is a psychic-type Pokémon owned by Salon Maiden Anabel.


Alakazam was first used by Anabel when they were battling Team Rocket. It reflected Team Rocket's attacks with using Psychic and used Psychic also to get Anabel and Ash Ketchum to land. Jessie's Seviper and James' Cacnea were about to attack Alakazam but Alakazam used Psybeam, cancelling their attacks and confusing them. Alakazam was later used again in Anabel's battle against Ash and Ash's Corphish. Alakazam used Psychic to counter Corphish's Crabhammer and tossed Corphish into the air. While in the air, Corphish used Bubble Beam but Alakazam was able to counter it with Psybeam, creating a lot of smoke. While Ash and Corphish were waiting for the smoke to disappear, Anabel ordered Alakazam through telepathy to locate Corphish's location. Alakazam was able to locate Corphish's location and Anabel then ordered it to use Focus Punch. Alakazam went through the smoke and attacked Corphish with Focus Punch, surprising both Ash and Corpish. Corphish recovered from the attack and used Crabhammer. Alakazam however was able to counter it with Focus Punch and then used Psybeam, knocking Corphish out.[1]

Alakazam later was also able to defeat Ash's Tauros with several attacks and dodging Tauros' attacks. Ash's last Pokémon was his Pikachu and used Iron Tail. Alakazam countered the attack with Focus Punch and then attacked with Psybeam which was able to hit Pikachu and confused Pikachu. After Pikachu's confusion was over, Pikachu used Thunderbolt at max power and Alakazam used Psybeam at max power but Alakazam was defeated by Pikachu's Thunderbolt.[2]

Known moves

  • Using Psychic
  • Using Psybeam
  • Using Focus Punch
  • Using Recover


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