This Espeon is a psychic-type Pokémon owned by Amelia.


Amelia used her Espeon and Dragonair in the showcase of Frey City. Both Dragonair and Espeon used Attract to attract the group of Rhyhorn to go to her side. Amelia used Dragonair and Espeon again in the performance round. Espeon used Psychic, Rain Dance and Hyper Voice to combine with Dragonair's attacks to make a nice performance. Unfortunately, they lost to Serena and her Pokémon.

Known moves

  • Using Attract
  • Using Psychic
  • Using Rain Dance
  • Using Hyper Voice


  1. ^ XY109: Master Class Choices!, Espeon used Attract with Dragonair to tame the group of Rhyhorn, the Attract affected Clemont's Chespin as well.

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