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This Serperior, nicknamed Amanda, is a grass-type Pokémon owned by White.


Amanda rarely expresses her emotions through her countenance since her debut, but on the other hand, she is willing to obey any orders from her trainers.

After becoming Serperior, Amanda no longer harbors resentment towards her nickname nor distance herself from White.


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When White is on the Ferris wheel with N, Gigi chooses to stay with N and White jumps out of the Ferris wheel car, landing on the ground. White is unconscious, but is picked up by Marshal. N's Servine is on the ground when Marshal finds it. White wakes up later, and Black doesn't know what to think of the Servine. The Servine seems to be very secretive and Black immediately thinks that it is trying to spy on him and White for N and Team Plasma, yet it chooses to stay and defend White when White was attacked by a Deerling White wanted to catch. Later, on the battle subway, the Servine continues to battle for her alongside Black's Brav, and the Deerling, then later, a Stunfisk, Alomomola, and Solosis.

White gives them names, with the Servine's being Amanda, and defeats the Battle Subway bosses, Ingo and Emmet. White stumbles into Bianca and the two go to a restaurant and befriend Meloetta. Amanda and Bianca's Oshawott work together to defeat a troublesome Vullaby, and later evolves into a Serperior. Amanda continues to battle when White reunites with Black and is shown alongside Bo, Black's Emboar, and Professor Cedric Juniper's Samurott. It keeps being on White's team all through White investigating the Pokémon league contenders, Black's battle with N, and even after that, because Amanda makes a very short cameo in Pokémon Adventures: Black 2 & White 2 vol. 2 after Bianca thinks about White and how White hasn't shed a single tear after Black was sucked into the Light Stone.

Known moves

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