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Altar of the Moone is an altar built a long time ago on Poni Island in the Alola region to honor the Legendary Pokémon Lunala.


Pokémon Moon

The Player and Lillie travel to the Altar of Moone in the hope to finding Lunala to save Lusamine and cause Nebby to return to normal, after they play the Sun Flute and Moon Flute together an intense energy emitted by a strong light makes Nebby evolve into Lunala, Lillie becomes really surprises and wished to Lunala to take her to her Mother, after that, Nebby opens an Ultra Wormhole and takes Lillie and the player to the Ultra Space.

After the events in the Ultra Space, Lunala can be captured by the player after Lillie asks the player to do so.

Pokémon Ultra Moon

The player and Lillie travel to the Altar of Monne in the hope to finding Lunala, find Lusamine and help her in stop Necrozma to get in Alola.

After Lillie and the player play the Sun Flute and Moon Flute together, an intense energy emitted by a strong light makes Nebby evolve in Lunala, Lillie becomes really surprised and wishes to Lunala to take her to her mother, after that,Guzma and Lusamine fall from an Ultra Wormhole completely exhausted, Lillie becomes shocked and after that, Necrozma appears from the Ultra Wormhole, Lusamine ask Lillie and the player to run away because Necrozma fell in anger after waking up and will steal Alola's light, Nebby and Necrozma face each other in a body-to-body combat but Necrozma dominates Nebby, relieves it on the ground and forces Nebby to merge with it and become Dawn Wings Necrozma, after fusing with Nebby, Necrozma opens several Ultra Wormholes which causes several Ultra Beasts to appear in Alola, Stakataka in Mahalo Trial, Pheromosa in the Ruins of Life, Guzzlord in the Ruins of Abundance and Xurkitree in Ruins of Hope, Necrozma challenges the player to battle.

After defeating Necrozma, it wil flee in an Ultra Wormhole stealing the light of Poni Island, Phyco and Soliera appears after that and explain that Necrozma returned to Ultra Megalopolis and will regain it's true power using the light of Lunala, they going to share their Solgaleo they use to travel through the Ultra Wormhole to the player reach the "White Warp Hole" to Ultra Megalopolis.

After defeating Ultra Necrozma and come back to the Altar of Monne, Phyco explain that the Z-Crystals and the Z-Power Rings are a gift from Necrozma that once shared its light with the Pokémon World, Lusamine and Lillie return to Aether Paradise to take care of Lunala who is weak for having her light used by Necrozma.

Ultra Wormhole

After becoming the champion, the player can cross an Ultra Wormhole during the daytime, which appears to be the same as the one that took him to Ultra Space, but instead of taking him there, he takes it to an alternate dimension that lies in the place of the Altar of Moone, lies the Altar of the Sunne, and instead of the Lake of the Sunne lies the Altar of the Moone.

The player can go back to their dimension at any time.

Pokémon Ultra Moon

After defeating Necrozma,The player can use the Ultra Warp Ride to travel around Ultra Space and the reverse world.


Pokémon Moon

Lunala SM
Type Psychic Type Ghost
Shadow Shield
Held item:

Even if it is defeated, Lunala can still be challenged until it is captured.

Pokémon Ultra Moon

File:Dawn Wings Necrozma
 Type Psychic Type Ghost 
Lv. 50 - Lv. - - Lv. ? - Lv. ? - Lv. ? - Lv. ? -
Ability: Prism Armor Ability: Unknown Ability: Unknown Ability: Unknown Ability: Unknown Ability: Unknown
Item: None Item: ? Item: ? Item: ? Item: ? Item: ?
Moongeist Beam - - - - -
Psychic - - - - -
Power Gem - - - - -
Moonlight - - - - -

Necrozma cannot be caught because it's merged with other Pokémon

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