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Almia is the region where the action from Pokémon Ranger: Shadows of Almia takes place. The region is similar to Fiore, with the presence of Pokémon Rangers.



  • Chicole Village - A village in the south of the region. The Player's family lives here.
  • Vientown - The Ranger School is located to the east of this town. The area Ranger Base is also located here.
  • Pueltown - A port town in the center of Almia.
  • Shiver Camp - A research camp in the chilly northernwester region of Almia.
  • Haruba Village - A village in the sandy south-eastern region of Almia on a desert island.
  • Boyleland - A village located in the north-eastern region of Almia on a volcanic island.

Areas of Interest


Ancient Almia was ruled over by a kind and noble king. The king had three sons that were crowned as a prince. The princes' fell into bitterness with each other and began fighting recklessly. The king reluctantly banished his sons: The oldest in red was banished to a volcanic island, the second son in yellow was banished to a desert island, and the youngest was allowed to stay at the castle. The once kind king felt guilt over his decision and became wracked with anger, solitude and bitterness. The darkness in the king eventually consumed him and formed the Shadow Crystal, a massive crystal that turned people's negative feelings into power. The Shadow Crystal became a threat to the kingdom of Almia and the youngest prince willed himself to shine with a light that could stop the shadow crystals. Supposedly, the other brothers did the same and the three sealed the Shadow Crystal underground in the Chroma Ruins were a Darkrai would eventually become its guardian. The brothers then left the light they used to defeat the Shadow Crystal, the Tears of Princes crystals in the places they were banished to and the legend of The King of Almia and the Three Princes would be recorded in a children's book before becoming lost to time.

Altru Inc.

Time passed and the Almia region became a modern society. An oil company called Altru Inc. was founded by Doyle Hall, who passed it on to his son, Brighton Hall. The original Altru building was located at the Chroma Highlands where oil was pumped. Brighton discovered the oil fields were running out and feared for the company's and Almia's future. It was around that time he discovered shards of the Shadow Crystal and instantly felt their power. Brighton eventually found the Shadow Crystal, but a Darkrai kept everyone at bay so all they could acquire were the dark shards. Eventually, Brighton held a renaming ceremony for his only son and heir, Wyatt Hall who was renamed Blake Hall, as close to the Shadow Crystal. However, the Shadow Crystal's evil power had corrupted Blake, who eventually kicked his own father out of the company and vowed to rule the world. Blake became obsessed with the Shadow Crystal's power and formed an organization to acquire the Shadow Crystal and rule Almia.

The origins of the Ranger Union

Through unknown circumstances, Hastings, Erma, and Lamont communicated through a shared journal in their youth. Through the journal, they shared their goals for the future: Erma wanted to protect Pokémon and nature, Hastings wanted to create a device that would connect the hearts of people and Pokémon, and Lamont wanted to build a school. The three decided to unite their goals: Hasting would create the Styler that would allow the help of Pokémon, Erma would form the Ranger Union where Rangers would use the Stylers to get the help of Pokémon to protect peace, and Lamont would create a school that would teach students to become Rangers.


Pokémon Ranger: Shadows of Almia


  • Almia, together with Galar, are the only regions not to have the letter "o" in their names.