Almia is the region where the action from Pokémon Ranger: Shadows of Almia takes place. The region is similar to Fiore, with the presence of Pokémon Rangers.



  • Chicole Village - A village in the south of the region. The character's family lives here.
  • Vientown - The Ranger School is located to the east of this town. The area Ranger Base is also located here.
  • Pueltown - A town in the center of Almia.
  • Shiver Camp - A research camp in the chilly northern region of Almia.
  • Haruba Village - A village in the sandy south-eastern region of Almia.
  • Boyleland - A village located in the north-eastern region of Almia.

Areas of Interest


  • Almia, together with Galar, are the only regions not to have the letter "o" in their names.
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