Almia is the region where the action from Pokémon Ranger: Shadows of Almia takes place. The region is similar to Fiore, with the presence of Pokémon Rangers.



  • Chicole Village - A village in the south of the region. The character's family lives here.
  • Vientown - The Ranger School is located to the east of this town. The area Ranger Base is also located here.
  • Pueltown - A town in the center of Almia.
  • Shiver Camp - A research camp in the chilly northern region of Almia.
  • Haruba Village - A village in the sandy south-eastern region of Almia.
  • Boyleland - A village located in the north-eastern region of Almia.

Areas of Interest


  • The Haruba Desert and nearby volcano in the eastern section of Almia may or may not be connected to Orre, as mountains and deserts are what the Orre region is primarily made of. Fans have speculated on the extent of this connection.
    • It could also possibly be located just south of Sinnoh, considering the shape of the region when compared to the inaccessible "tail" end of Sinnoh. This can be supported by the fact that Sinnoh is analogous to the real-world Hokkaido and if Sinnoh's geography is compared to that of the real Hokkaido, it appears to be missing a tail-like piece of land that Hokkaido has at its southwest, which Almia's geography bears a very strong resemblance to.
  • Almia, together with Galar, are the only regions not to have the letter, "o" in its names.
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