Alice (アリス Arisu) is a teenage character from The Rise of Darkrai. She helps Ash Ketchum and his friends get around Alamos Town, since she works as the Alamos Town tour guide. She also plays a song called Oración on a leaf to calm any Pokémon and is also known as a music student.


Darkrai saves Alice from falling.

She used to live with her grandmother Alicia, before Alicia died and befriended her neighbors Baron Alberto and Tonio. Alice befriended a Gallade living in Alamos Garden, which she knew since she was little. When she was very young, Tonio and Alice were playing in the garden, when she slipped and fell. A Darkrai then intervened and saved her life, but Alice bore no recollection of the events, assuming Tonio saved her. She is the best friend of Darkrai.


On hand



  • Alice's hair bears some resemblances to Lopunny's ears.
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