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For other versions of Helioptile belonging to Alexa, see "Alexa's Helioptile".

This Helioptile is an Electric/Normal-type Pokémon owned by Alexa.


Black and White series

Helioptile of Alexa's back.

As the heroes were traveling on the road, they encountered a lone Pokémon, Helioptile, which Ash's Pokédex could not identify. Ash tried to catch Helioptile, but Alexa arrived and told them to stop their attacks. Alas, Helioptile was too scared and used Parabolic Charge, electrocuting Ash and Pikachu. The woman introduced herself as Alexa and showed Helioptile and Gogoat, who were from Kalos region. Alexa explained Helioptile was startled by a Patrat and ran off. Later on, to record the Sumo Conference event, Alexa put a dish and had Helioptile charge the camera to record the tournament.[1] Alexa continued to travel with the heroes and came to Frond Island, where some Pokémon attacked them, while others befriended them, including Helioptile. At the end of the adventure, Helioptile warned Alexa, who erased all the data from her camera, for it was safer for the island not to publish the information.[2]

Helioptile electrocuting Professor Oak.

Helioptile continued traveling with Alexa around the islands.[3] Once they reached an island, dedicated to the hero Conley, Helioptile helped Alexa find her book she put in her bag. As they went into the ruins, the group encountered a Banette, a Gengar and a Dusknoir. This startled Helioptile, who electrocuted them, revealing to be Team Rocket in disguises.[4] After continuing traveling around the islands,[5][6][7] Alexa spent some time with Helioptile in her cabin. Both were startled with the shockwave when the whole ship fell back on the surface of the ocean and were told Team Rocket attempted to take everyone's Pokémon. After bidding farewell to Iris and Cilan, Alexa and Helioptile accompanied Ash to Pallet Town.[8] There, Professor Oak greeted both them. Seeing Helioptile, Professor Oak was fascinated and gazed it, only to startle Helioptile and be electrocuted by it. Later on, seeing Helioptile, Ash decided to go with Alexa to Kalos. Professor Oak and Delia bid farewell to Ash, Alexa and Helioptile, who flew off.[9]

XY and XYZ series

Once they arrived to Kalos, Alexa had to make a phone call and left Helioptile to be with Ash for a moment. After checking the town map, Ash bid farewell to Helioptile and Alexa.[10] Alexa and Helioptile met up with Ash and his new friends - Bonnie and Clemont - at Santalune City's Gym, where Ash was to have his first Gym battle.[11] After Ash won the rematch, the group, along with their Pokémon, Viola and Serena, took a picture.[12]

Helioptile and Alexa also met up with the heroes at Ambrette Town, where Alexa was to gather information about Amaura and Aurorus.[13] Alexa and Helioptile were also investigating a mystery about a dark robot looking like Clembot. They joined forces with the heroes and Meyer to find more.[14]

Helioptile was seen watching the Pokémon Showcase Master Class on television along with Alexa and Viola.[15][16]

At the end of his journey, Ash recalled how he, Pikachu, Alexa and Helioptile arrived to Kalos via airplane.[17]

Alexa, Helioptile and Professor Sycamore visited the ruins, where the Legend of X, Y and Z was formed.[18]

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