For other versions of Helioptile belonging to Alexa, see Alexa's Helioptile.

This Helioptile is an electric/normal-type Pokémon owned by Alexa.


Helioptile was seen with Alexa when she was trying to interview the Sky Trainer, Y and when they Alexa talking about the legend of Xerneas and Yveltal with Viola.[1][2]

As Alexa was finishing her article on Vaniville Town, she noticed Helioptile was charging itself with solar energy. Knowing she hasn't taken Helioptile out for a walk for some time, Alexa decided to do so, as they both walked to the Prism Tower. Just as Alexa was arguing with the editor-in-chief, he took her Helioptile as hostage.[3] Even after X defeated the editor-in-chief's Pokémon, the editor still showed that he had Helioptile as hostage. X, left, however, as Helioptile started charging, with the sun shining on its skin. A moment after, the editor was electrocuted by Helioptile.[4]

The group remembered Alexa and her Helioptile, as Alexa was the one that gave them the article about Xerneas and Yveltal. The article was read by Y, who managed to memorize it.[5]

Helioptile was with Alexa, who went with the group to stop Team Flare at the Mehir Trail.[6] The group evaded Delphox's Mystical Fire attack and were dazzled by the Vivillion, who formed a circle with Hold Hands and Safeguard.[7]

Known moves

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