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Alamos Town (アラモスタウン Aramosu Taun) is an anime-exclusive town in Sinnoh that was featured in the movie The Rise of Darkrai.


The main feature of Alamos Town is the Space-Time Tower. The town is the home of Darkrai, and it was nearly destroyed when Dialga and Palkia were fighting. The events of the deities' conflict was brought up in Giratina and the Sky Warrior where the adverse affects of the conflict had impacted the Reverse World.

Alamos Town was also shown briefly in Arceus and the Jewel of Life, when Sheena and Kevin witnessed Alamos Town's return from the misplaced dimension that Palkia restored.

Alamos Town seems to be located northwest of Oreburgh City and northeast of Jubilife City. The city is located on a huge mesa in the middle of a lake. There's a bridge connecting the city to the mainland.

There was a Pokémon Contest held there which Allegra won.


Alamos Town is based off Barcelona in Spain.