This Weavile is a Dark/Ice-type Pokémon owned by Alain.


XY130 11

Hawlucha blocks Weavile's Night Slash attack.

Weavile was used as Alain's second Pokémon during his six-on-six battle against Ash in the Lumiose Conference. It first went up against Ash's Noivern, where it protected itself from Noivern's Supersonic. However, Noivern hit Weavile with Boomburst. Weavile attempted to attack with Ice Beam, but was countered by Boomburst. Noivern flew closer to Weavile to use Dragon Claw, but Weavile used Double Team. By emitting Supersonic, Noivern found the real Weavile, but missed using Dragon Claw. Thus, Weavile managed to freeze Noivern's right wing with Ice Beam. By attacking with Night Slash, Weavile defeated Noivern. Ash's Hawlucha was sent out, who tried to attack with Karate Chop, but Weavile evaded the attacks. Weavile managed to get Hawlucha to the stream, where it fired Ice Beam to freeze Hawlucha's legs. However, Hawlucha avoided the attack and, by Ash's order, he took Weavile's Ice Beam attack. Weavile used Night Slash, but Hawlucha took the hit, but a part of the damage was absorbed into the ice. Weavile went to repeat its attack, but was launched away by Hawlucha's legs, and with Flying Press, Hawlucha smashed Weavile into the ice and defeated it.[1]

Known moves

  • Using Protect
  • Using Night Slash
  • Using Ice Beam
  • Using Double Team


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