This Unfezant is a Normal/Flying Pokémon owned by Alain.


XY130 15

Alain's Unfezant has a fierce aerial battle with Ash's Talonflame.

Unfezant was used as Alain's fourth Pokémon during his six-on-six battle against Ash in the Lumiose Conference. He went up against Ash's Talonflame. They both flew in air and clashed with each other by using Steel Wing. Unfezant attacked Talonflame with Sky Attack, while Talonflame used Flame Charge to counter. Next, Unfezant launched Air Slash, which wounded Talonflame, who burned its opponent with Flame Charge. After Unfezant's Sky Attack collided with Talonflame's Brave Bird, both Pokémon were defeated.[2]

Known moves

  • Using Steel Wing
  • Using Sky Attack
  • Using Air Slash


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