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Akala Island is an island in the Alola region. The Guardian Deity is Tapu Lele and is found in the Ruins of Life. The island consists of:


The farm where Kiawe and his family work and live is located on Akala Island.

Island Challenge

There are three trials that lead to the Grand Trial against Olivia afterwards.

Name Class Location Type Totem Pokémon
Lana.pngLana Trial Captain Brooklet Hill Water Wishiwashi (School Form) (Sun/Moon)

Araquanid (Ultra Sun/Ultra Moon)

Kiawe.pngKiawe Trial Captain Wela Volcano Park Fire

Salazzle (Sun/Moon)
Alolan Marowak (Ultra Sun/Ultra Moon)

Mallow.pngMallow Trial Captain Lush Jungle Grass



Olivia.pngOlivia Kahuna In front of the Ruins of Life Rock No Totem (Kahuna Battle)


  • The three trials represent the three starters' types.