This Arbok is a poison-type Pokémon owned by Agatha.


At the power plant, Agatha had her Arbok and Golbat attack Evan, who tried to rescue Blue.[1]

Agatha sent and came on it to battle Koga's Arbok. However, Agatha's Arbok changed its color pattern and wrapped its tail around Koga and his Arbok.[2] As an attempt to break free, Koga's Arbok used Glare, but Agatha's Arbok resisted the attack, by changing its color pattern once more. In addition, Agatha's Arbok attacked Koga's Arbok, biting its tail off. After Koga threw shurikens to Blue (to assist him in defeating Agatha's Golbat), his Arbok regenerated its tail. After Koga retrieved his Golbat back, Koga had it use Leech Life on himself. Golbat, who sucked Koga's blood, spat it out on Agatha's Arbok, preventing it from changing its pattern. Agatha had her Arbok bind Koga, but Blue had Golduck use Confusion on Agatha and Arbok, knocking them down. Before they left, Blue and Koga noticed Agatha's Arbok had a stinger to use Poison Sting that would've finished them off.[3]

Blue recalled Agatha's Arbok, who cut Koga's Arbok's tail, which gave them the chance to defeat Agatha's Gengar.[4]

Known moves

  • Using Wrap
  • Using Body Slam
  • Using Bite
  • Using Rock Slide


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