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Aftermath (ゆうばく Induced Explosion) is an ability introduced in Generation IV.


In battle

When an opposing Pokémon knocks out a Pokémon with this ability with a contact-based move, that Pokémon loses 1/4 of its maximum HP.


All Pokémon with Aftermath can learn Explosion.

Pokémon with Aftermath

As a natural ability

Pokémon Type
425.png Drifloon ghost/flying
426.png Drifblim ghost/flying
434.png Stunky poison/dark
435.png Skuntank poison/dark
If any of the Pokémon were introduced before the generation that Aftermath was introduced in, then they will not have it as a natural ability until then.

As a hidden ability

Pokémon Type
100.png Voltorb electric
101.png Electrode electric
568.png Trubbish poison
569.png Garbodor poison
Hidden abilities were not introduced until Generation V, so if any of the Pokémon were introduced before that, then they will not have Aftermath as a hidden ability until then.