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This Aerodactyl, nicknamed Aero, is a Rock/Flying-type Pokémon owned by Red.


Aero appears to love the outside as the first thing he did when he got revived in his debut chapter was to look outside through the window in Blaine's laboratory.

He is shown to be reckless, as he often charges in headfirst into various situations. He is also very generous as he rushed to help Blaine and Gyara fight Moltres even though he did not know them.


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When Red first met Giovanni he gave Red an ancient fossil known as the Old Amber, which contained a DNA sample of an ancient, as a reward for stopping two wild Magmar that were causing a fire at the Pewter Museum of Science.

When Red later encountered Blaine at Cinnabar Island, they were faced with the the legendary bird Moltres, which was under the control of Team Rocket.Not even Gyara could defeat the Legendary Fire-type, and Blaine realized that to stand a chance against the Flying-type Pokémon, they needed a Flying-type of their own.

Upon seeing Red's Old Amber, Blaine sent him to the Island's laboratory, where Red was able to revive the Amber into his Aerodactyl. With this new Pokémon on his side, Red was able to make Team Rocket retreat.

Red later used Aero when battling with Blaine again , against the Legendary Genetic Pokémon Mewtwo. Although Mewtwo seemed practically impossible to stop, Red finally managed to use Aero to glide through Mewtwo's Psywave tornado in order to get close enough to send Pika in with Blaine's Master Ball, successfully catching Mewtwo.

Aero battled Giovanni at the Viridian Gym. When Red was pushed into a corner, he managed to call Aero out and attack Giovanni's Beedrill with Hyper Beam, knocking the Posion Bee Pokémon out. Giovanni then switched to his Rhyhorn, who used Tail Whip to take Aero out of the fight.

Red tried to get Aero to Fly him away from the Kanto Elite Four, but he was stopped by Lorelei's Jinx prevented him from doing that. Aero was then defeated alongside Poli, Saur, Snor and Gyara, with only Pika escaping alive.

Kanto II

Aero battled alongside Pika as his last two Pokémon in his battle against Blue (Adventures). Red had Aero use Take Down on Blue's Scizor, which dealt no recoil damage due to his Rock Head Ability. Aero followed up with Dragon Claw on Scizor, so Blue switched him out for Rhydon. Seeing an opening, Red has Pika attack Machamp with an electric attack. To Red's surprise, the attack is suddenly redirected. Blue smirks and reveals that Rhydon has the Lightning Rod Ability, which causes all electric to be redirected towards him. Since Pika's Electric attacks had no effect, Pika jumps into the air and delivers an Iron Tail onto Blue's Machamp's head. The battle then ends in a tie.

Later Red sent Aero out in his battle against Organism No. 2 but was quickly overwhelmed as he was first clobbered by Organism No. 2's powerful punch and then had his wings pierced by Attack Forme Organism No. 2's tentacles. He was soon nearly killed along with the same group of Pokémon mentioned earlier while defending his Trainer from Organism No. 2's Psycho Boost. Due to his injuries, Aero was unable to use Fly, and as a result, Red had to temporarily trade Blue's Charizard into his team to use as transportation.

Aero was later seen joining Red's other Pokémon, Blue's Charizard, and Chuchu to take down the ten Forretress that Carr, a member of Team Rocket had placed inside the Team Rocket airship.


Aero appeared in a fantasy in when Sapphire explained to Ruby that the accomplishments of Red and his team inspired her to train to battle.

Aero was seen battling Guile Hideout's stolen Battle Tower Pokémon.

Johto II

Aero, along with the rest of Red's team, was mentioned to be the reason by Proteam Omega, a mecha anime which Diamond and Silver are fans off, was created.

Hoenn II

After Maxie and Archie stoke the Red Orb and Blue Orb from Bill's cottage, Aeri was used chase them.

Known moves


  • He is Level 85 and has a Hasty Nature.[1]



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