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Adventure Rules is an item introduced in X and Y. When used, the player will read the contents inside which is 10 tips on Pokémon.


Adventure Rule No. 1
Open the menu with the X Button!
Adventure Rule No. 2
Record your progress with SAVE!
Adventure Rule No. 3
Throw Poké Balls to catch Pokémon!
Adventure Rule No. 4
Weaken Pokémon you want to catch!
Adventure Rule No. 5
Use battles to help your Pokémon grow!
Adventure Rule No. 6
Heal your Pokémon at Pokémon Centers!
Adventure Rule No. 7
Buy more items than you think you need!
Adventure Rule No. 8
Talk to everyone you meet for information!
Adventure Rule No. 9
When you get lost, check your Town Map!
Adventure Rule No. 10
Enjoy your journey with your Pokémon!


Games Location
XY Given by Calem/Serena on Route 3
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