Accumula Town is a small town in Unova renowned for its hills and great views, nestled between Route 1 and Route 2 in south-eastern Unova. It's the second town you'll visit on your adventure in Black and White, and the very first time you'll encounter N, Ghetsis and Team Plasma.

Professor Juniper will explain how to heal your Pokémon and purchase items from the redesigned Pokémon Center, and mentions her friend, Fennel. Ghetsis of Team Plasma, surrounded by townspeople, speaks about liberating Pokémon, and one boy in the crowd seems to be particular interested in the speech. Afterwards, the mysterious boy introduces himself as N and challenges you to a battle.


Level 7
Type Dark


  • Poké Ball (Boy by house, top-right)
  • Mail from Bianca (PC)
  • Favored Mail 50
  • Greet Mail 50
  • Inquiry Mail 50
  • Like Mail 50
  • Reply mail 50
  • RSVP Mail
  • Thanks Mail 50


It's the first Battle Club Ash, Iris and Cilan visited.


  • The music track can be slightly altered by speaking to the piano player or the drum player in the house on the top-right.
  • The name of the town is a play on the word accumulate, hence the town's title "The fast growing town".
  • In Pokémon Black and White version 2, the walls of the town are covered by ivies and vines.
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