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Abyssal Ruins (海底(かいてい)遺跡(いせき), Seabed Ruins) is a group of ruins located in Unova. They can be entered by using Dive on darkly-covered sections of Undella Bay. Access to each floor up is cut off by a 'Dynamic Block' that will move after completing a requirement. Only 500 steps can be taken inside before the player is removed back to the surface.


  • To access the 1st Floor, you must use Dive (HM06) over a dark patch of water in Undella Bay.
  • To access the 2nd Floor, you must reach the first Dynamic Block in less than 190 steps.
  • To access the 3rd Floor, you must use Flash (TM70) in front of the second Dynamic Block.
  • To access the 4th Floor, you must use Strength (HM04) in front of the third Dynamic Block.

​1st Floor Map and Items

A map of the first floor of the Abyssal Ruins.

2nd Floor Map and Items

A map of the second floor of the Abyssal Ruins.

  • 27 = Relic Vase
  • 28 = Relic Silver
  • 29 = Relic Gold
  • 30 = Relic Gold
  • 31 = Relic Band
  • 32 = Relic Silver
  • 33 = Relic Copper
  • 34 = Relic Gold
  • 35 = Relic Copper
  • 36 = Relic Statue

3rd Floor Map and Items

A map of the third floor of the Abyssal Ruins.

  • 38 = Relic Statue
  • 39 = Relic Vase
  • 40 = Relic Band
  • 41 = Relic Vase
  • 42 = Relic Band
  • 43 = Relic Copper
  • 44 = Relic Silver
  • 45 = Relic Gold

4th Floor Item



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