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すいとる Absorb
Absorb PE.png
Introduced: Generation I
Battle Data
Type: Type Grass.gif
Category: Type Special.gif
Power: 20*
Accuracy: 100%
PP: 25* (Max. 40)[1]
Priority: 0
Contact: No
Affected by
Magic Coat: No
Magic Bounce: No
Bright Powder: Yes
Detect/Protect: Yes
Snatch: No
Mirror Move: Yes
King's Rock: No
Contest Data
Contests (RSE)
Condition: Smart
Appeal: 2 ♥♥
Jam: 3 ♥♥♥
Startles the Pokémon that appealed before the user.
Super Contests (DPPt)
Condition: Smart
Appeal: 1
Earn +3 if two Pokémon raise the Voltage in a row.
Contest Spectaculars (ORAS)
Condition: Clever
Appeal: 4 ♥♥♥♥
Jam: 0
Quite an appealing move.

Absorb is a Grass-type move introduced in Generation I.


Games Description
GSC Steals 1/2 of the damage inflicted.
RSE An attack that absorbs half the damage inflicted.
FRLG An attack that absorbs half the damage it inflicted to restore HP.
A nutrient-draining attack. The user's HP is restored by half the damage taken by the target.


In battle

Absorb deals damage to the target, then restores the user's HP by up to half of the damage dealt to the target.

If the user is holding a Big Root, they will receive 30% more HP from which they absorbed from a Pokémon. If Absorb is used on a Pokémon with Liquid Ooze, instead of gaining HP, they lose HP by the amount they would have received if they gained it.

In a Double Battle, Absorb can target any Pokémon around the user. In a Triple Battle, Absorb can only target a Pokémon that is adjacent to the user.


By leveling up

Pokémon Type Egg groups Level
041.png Zubat poison/flying
042.png Golbat poison/flying
043.png Oddish grass/poison 1 1 1
044.png Gloom grass/poison 1 1 1
045.png Vileplume grass/poison 1 1
046.png Paras bug/grass
047.png Parasect bug/grass
114.png Tangela grass 28 RB
27 Y
10 10
140.png Kabuto rock/water 34 10 13
141.png Kabutops rock/water 1, 34 1, 10 1, 13
167.png Spinarak bug/poison
168.png Ariados bug/poison
169.png Crobat poison/flying
182.png Bellossom grass/poison 1 1
191.png Sunkern grass 1 1
192.png Sunflora grass 1 1
252.png Treecko grass 6
253.png Grovyle grass 1, 6
254.png Sceptile grass 1, 6
267.png Beautifly bug/flying 1, 10
270.png Lotad water/grass 7
271.png Lombre water/grass 7
272.png Ludicolo water/grass 1
285.png Shroomish grass 1
286.png Breloom grass/fighting 1
290.png Nincada bug/ground
291.png Ninjask bug/flying
292.png Shedinja bug/ghost
315.png Roselia grass/poison 1
331.png Cacnea grass 5
332.png Cacturne grass/dark 1, 5
387.png Turtwig grass
388.png Grotle grass
389.png Torterra grass/ground
402.png Kricketune bug
406.png Budew grass/poison
465.png Tangrowth grass
546.png Cottonee grass
548.png Petilil grass
556.png Maractus grass
590.png Foongus grass/poison
591.png Amoonguss grass/poison
592.png Frillish water/ghost
593.png Jellicent water/ghost
595.png Joltik bug/electric
596.png Galvantula bug/electric
616.png Shelmet bug
617.png Accelgor bug
636.png Larvesta bug/fire
637.png Volcarona bug/fire
704.png Goomy dragon
705.png Sliggoo dragon
706.png Goodra dragon
714.png Noibat flying/dragon
715.png Noivern flying/dragon
742.png Cutiefly bug/fairy
743.png Ribombee bug/fairy
755.png Morelull grass/fairy
756.png Shiinotic grass/fairy
769.png Sandygast ghost/ground
770.png Palossand ghost/ground
781.png Dhelmise ghost/grass
797.png Celesteela steel/flying
Bold indicates this Pokémon receives STAB from this move.
Italic indicates an evolved or alternate form of this Pokémon receives STAB from this move.


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  1. ^ As of Generation IV, Absorb has a base PP of 25 and could be raised to a maximum of 40, which prior that had a base PP of 20 and could be raised to a maximum of 32