This Abomasnow is a grass/ice-type that appeared in Over the Mountain of Snow!.


Team Rocket trapping Abomasnow.

Abomasnow first appeared when he was caring for his child, a male Snover which is very sick. When Team Rocket entered the Frost Cavern, Abomasnow blasted them off. Soon, Ash and his friends arrived near the Frost Cavern on two Mamoswine. Abomasnow thought the heroes were a threat, but after being convinced they're not enemies, he lets them in his cave. Abomasnow stayed with Snover until Ash and his friends brought the ingredients needed for his child. When Snover was cured, Abomasnow felt thankful for their help. But Team Rocket arrived and captured Abomasnow. Luckily, Ash saved him and blasted Team Rocket off. With Team Rocket taken care of, Abomasnow and his child waved good-bye to the group.

Known moves


  1. ^ XY083: Over the Mountain of Snow!, the fur on the chest is not longer
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