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The Ability Capsule is an item introduced in Generation VI.


Using an Ability Capsule on a Pokémon whose species has two standard Abilities changes the current Ability to the other one. This consumes the Ability Capsule.

The Ability Capsule cannot be used on a Pokémon whose species only has one standard Ability. It cannot be used to change a Pokémon's Ability into its Hidden Ability, or vice versa.

It cannot be used to change Zygarde's Ability between Aura Break and Power Construct. As of Pokémon Sword and Shield Version 1.3.0, one must use a Zygarde Cube instead.

The Ability Capsule cannot be flung if held by a Pokémon.


Games Location
XY Battle Maison (200 BP)
ORAS Battle Maison (200 BP or 1% chance of receiving after a rematch with Wally)
SM Battle Royal Dome (100 BP), Battle Tree (after 50 consecutive wins)
USUM Battle Royal Dome (100 BP)
SWSH Battle Tower (reward of rank increase)
Battle Tower (50 BP)
SWSHIoA Cram-o-matic (3 Rare Candies & 1 item)
SWSHCT Max Lair Dynite Ore shop (50 Dynite Ore Sprite.png)