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|songs = Unbeatable
|songs = Unbeatable
|machars = [[Ash Ketchum|Ash]], [[May (anime)|May]], [[Brock (anime)|Brock]], [[Max]]
|machars = [[Ash Ketchum|Ash]], [[May (anime)|May]], [[Brock (anime)|Brock]], [[Max]]
|image = AG107.png
|rchars = [[Jessie]], [[James]]
|rchars = [[Jessie]], [[James]]
|pchars = [[Ash's Pikachu|Pikachu]] (Ash's), [[Team Rocket's Meowth|Meowth]] (Team Rocket), [[Jessie's Wobbuffet|Wobbuffet]] (Jessie's), [[James' Chimecho|Chimecho]] (James's), [[Brock's Ludicolo|Ludicolo]] (Brock's), [[Jessie's Dustox|Dustox]] (Jessie's), [[Gardenia's Cacnea|Cacnea]] (James's), [[Elisa's Meganium|Meganium]] (Elisa's), [[Trapinch]] (debut), [[Vibrava (AG106)|Vibrava]] (debut), [[Nidoran♀]], [[Nidoran♂]], [[Rhyhorn]], [[Rhydon]], [[Tauros]], [[Girafarig]], [[Phanpy]], [[Donphan]], [[Poochyena]], [[Zigzagoon]]
|pchars = [[Ash's Pikachu|Pikachu]] (Ash's), [[Team Rocket's Meowth|Meowth]] (Team Rocket), [[Jessie's Wobbuffet|Wobbuffet]] (Jessie's), [[James' Chimecho|Chimecho]] (James's), [[Brock's Ludicolo|Ludicolo]] (Brock's), [[Jessie's Dustox|Dustox]] (Jessie's), [[Gardenia's Cacnea|Cacnea]] (James's), [[Elisa's Meganium|Meganium]] (Elisa's), [[Trapinch]] (debut), [[Vibrava (AG106)|Vibrava]] (debut), [[Nidoran♀]], [[Nidoran♂]], [[Rhyhorn]], [[Rhydon]], [[Tauros]], [[Girafarig]], [[Phanpy]], [[Donphan]], [[Poochyena]], [[Zigzagoon]]

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Beg, Burrow and Steal (ナックラーとビブラーバ!幻の湖! Trapinch and Vibrava! Lake of Illusion!) is the 14th episode of Pokémon: Advanced Battle.


While traveling on Izabe Island, Ash and his friends end up above a Trapinch Labyrinth. They meet up with two people named Elisa and Hal, two of the reserve rangers. After a Team Rocket encounter, they all end up inside of the labyrinth. Will they find a way to get out of this situation?

Episode Plot

The gang continues their journey through Izabe Island, but they encounter a desert. Brock's map and Max's PokéNav have no data about the desert, and yet there are many holes around. They do notice every hole is the same size. Ash throws a rock into the hole and a Pokémon is seen eating the rock - a Trapinch. There must be more Trapinch, as there are many holes around. However, they hear a police alarm and a woman comes to them. The woman tells them they are trespassers, and they must leave, as the area is dangerous. Despite that, Brock flirts with her. The woman gets out of the flirting and introduces herself as Elisa. Brock does not stop flirting, so Max pulls his ear. May and Ash apologize because they didn't know how risky this desert is. The latter goes around and he falls down a hole.

Elisa gives him a rope and she pulls him up. The holes underneath hide a cavern full of Trapinch. Elisa and the others wanted to move the Trapinch, but they dig more, so nothing could be done about it. Elisa takes them somewhere safe, but during the travel, they see a man running away from an angry Donphan. The man recognizes Elisa, for some reason. Elisa calls Meganium out, who uses Sweet Scent to calm Donphan down, so Elisa calls it back. The man is grateful while Elisa introduces him as Hal, the Izabe Island researcher. Hal shows that it was looking for the Trapinch - with a transmitter. As he begins to explain them the situation with Donphan, Team Rocket spies underground using a periscope from their Diglett machine, planning to use it to surprise their enemies.

Hal tells them that the transmitter will tell them the location of an underground lake. The gang wants to hear about this lake, so Hal tells them what it is. Hal tells them that one day he fell into a hole and when he woke up, he saw a large, beautiful underground lake with a lot of Trapinch as well. However, he remembers that Trapinch evolved into Vibrava - he followed them and found himself out of the lake, but did not remember how he got out. The gang is amazed by the story, but Elisa thinks Hal made that up. The latter tells them he became a Trapinch researcher for that. However, Max spots the Trapinch with the transmitter is gone. May spots it going into the hole. Soon, they feel vibrations and Team Rocket appears in their machine, using the claw to capture Pikachu. The latte uses Thunderbolt, but with no affect.

Brock sends Ludicolo (while dancing with Max), who uses Water Gun on the machine. The machine sparks and falls into the hole, but Pikachu is dragged down as well. The Trapinch appear and eat the metal from the machine. They eat the machine pretty quick, but Team Rocket and Pikachu are dragged down into the hole. Ash, Elisa and the Trapinch with the transmitter come down as well. Pikachu, Team Rocket, Ash, Trapinch and Elisa split into. Different tunnels. Brock, May and Max stay outside, but they need to find a way to help them. Hal discovers a signal of Trapinch, so he goes down. Despite the warnings, Hal falls down into the hole. Hal falls down and goes after the signal. Ash tries to find Pikachu, but with no success. The Trapinch goes down a path, so they follow it. Team Rocket go down a path and see a Trapinch, so Meowth thinks it will open the nuts for the boss if he had one, so they go to capture one. However, it has gone away, so they hide when they heard some steps.

The steps are Hal's, so they go to follow him, while the former is going after the Trapinch he is following. Brock, Max and May are worried. Max goes to the edge and nearly falls, but May got him and Brock got her. However, they are both heavy, so they all fall down. Ash, Elisa and Trapinch go to find Pikachu and see May, Max and Brock falling down. He asks where Hal is, so Brock tells him he was looking for the Trapinch with the transmitter. The Trapinch is eating rocks to make a path. Elisa hears something - it is the water going through the path. The gang runs, but the water gets them and leads them to the lake Hal spoke of. Pikachu arrived before, so Ash goes to him. They also see the Trapinch with the transmitter and Hal following it. Team Rocket hides and continue on planning to take Trapinch along with Pikachu.

Hal tells Elisa that it is the lake he spoke of. The latter replies she thinks she is a fool not to trust him, but Hal tells her that she did believe him. The talk is interrupted when Brock sees the Trapinch gathering. The Trapinch evolve to Vibrava. Jessie and James are sad they couldn't capture them, but Meowth tells them they are part Dragon, so it means they are quite worth. The Vibrava fly off, but Team Rocket captures them all. Brock sends Ludicolo and Elisa With Meganium. Ludicolo attacks with Bullet Seed, hitting Team Rocket while Meganium's Razor Leaf freed the Vibrava.

Jessie sends Dustox and James with Cacnea. Dustox attacks with Poison Sting and Cacnea with Pin Missile, but the Vibrava stand in their way, negating the attacks with Supersonic. Pikachu blasts Team Rocket off with Thunderbolt. Now, the gang has to figure a way to get out. However, they are carried up by the Vibrava. They fly off and the gang waves goodbye at them. At the end of the day, Elisa gives them directions to the nearest town. Hal decides to keep the lake a secret as he wanted to find it along with Elisa.




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