The kids are running for the ferry to Lilycove and jump on the boat they see leaving, only to discover it's actually a boat to Bomba Island. Once they arrive on the island, they meet a young Trainer named Jimmy and his Wartortle, Charmeleon and Ivysaur. Jimmy is a student at the Pokemon Battle Judge Trainin Institute, located on the island.

Professor Serena from the institute gets Ash and Brock to help out in her class by staging a Double Battle which Jimmy will judge. Ash uses Swellow and Corphish, while Brock uses Mudkip and Lombre. The battle is fierce, and after Mudkip and Lombre both use Water Gun on Corphish simultaneously, Jimmy mistakenly declares Corphish unable to battle.

That night, Ash and friends find Jimmy outside talking to his Pokemon. Jimmy explains how he met all three of them by accident, and even got a Cascade Badge--also by accident. Team Rocket interrupts and takes all three of the Pokemon, causing Jimmy to run after them. Seeing his determination, Wartortle evolves into Blastoise and uses Hydro Pump to free the others. Team Rocket is the defeated as usual.

Serena tells Jimmy that he has to leave school now, but not because he's a bad student, but because he'd make a better Trainer. Jimmy heads back to Lilycove to start his Pokemon journey over, while Ash and friends continue on to Mossdeep City.


  • The title is a reference to the Biblical "Last Judgment", which is mostly referred to as Judgment Day. The title name is also the name of two different songs by Whitesnake and Saxon.


  • In the beginning of the episode, Brock's collar is the same color as his skin. During his battle with Ash his collar is the same color as his shirt. It should have been orange in both of these scenes.
  • May's shirt is momentarily seen with long, red sleeves instead of short ones.
  • In one scene where May is supposed to be shown wearing the blue bike shorts, they disappear and she is wearing only her white miniskirt.
  • When Ash and his friends came to see Jimmy trying to get back his Pokémon Team Rocket stole, Ash is seen wearing Jimmy's clothes.
  • May's gloves disappear in a couple of scenes, leaving only white bands in one instance.
  • After Jimmy is thrown from Team Rocket's mecha, he lands on the ground in front of the group. When the group is helping him up, there are suddenly two Jimmy's: one still laying on the ground, and one sitting up.
  • Near the end of the episode, Charmeleon's white belly turns red.
  • In the beginning of the episode where it shows the location of the group, it shows they are still in Lilycove when really they are traveling on a boat in that moment in time.
  • When Ash asks Jimmy to tell them how he met Charmeleon, Pikachu's eyes are almost totally black.

Dub edits

  • The sandwich that rolls down the hill into Ivysaur's mouth in the flashback was an onigiri in the original.
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