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The ??? type is a glitch type. There are, as of yet, no official Pokémon with this type, but most Glitch Pokémon have this type. Otherwise, it was used from Generation II to Generation IV and started to become absent from the code of every mainline game starting in Pokémon Black and White Version. It was neutral to every other type both offensively and defensively.

Instances of the ??? typing include:

  • Eggs that haven't hatched (only from Generation II to Generation IV).
  • The move Curse in Generation II through IV. It later became a Ghost-type move starting in Generation V.
  • A hacked Arceus with a sprite that indicates it is ??? type.
  • Sylveon was listed as ??? type in a promotional picture before the official release of the Fairy type, though this is likely not a reference to the type itself and was possibly kept to make the upcoming type a mystery.


  • A similar situation to ??? type is when a Pokémon can become typeless, being unable to have any weaknesses or resistances and also being unable to receive STAB from moves. Some instances of this include: