• Hello Caveinlove,

    We'd love to give KO Pokemon a direct connection to staff & helpers - there's a few things that would help the wiki to improve its search ranking further that we would like to discuss with you and other admins, such as the way you currently render movesets on articles like 리오르 (포켓몬). It's not showing up as intended on mobile, and given the high percentage of visits your wiki has from mobile devices, we want to offer you, and the admin team of this wiki, advice on how this could be improved.

    We offer joining Discord, but if that is totally out of the question, we can also invite you and other admins to Fandom's Slack instance.

    I'd love to hear from you and see you or another admin join us on either platform :)

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    • That's a good point, MtaÄ. Thank you for stopping by and talking about the issue.

      I'm afraid we can find a good timezone compromise for discussion, though. Korea is -8 hours off from CET, making me mostly active when everybody in EU is either sleeping or working 😆

      Please let me figure out what's going on beforehand. Content in <tabview /> — used in moveset section of the article — doesn't get rendered on mobile because tabview uses JS to asynchronously load content and we don't get JS working on mobile?

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    • Hello Caveinlove,

      Do not worry about the time zone difference - we don't have to talk live all the time, as I'm checking my stuff early in the day for Europe like now.

      It just makes more sense to give some advice in a private room so it's not shared in public (like, going into detail about things on Special:Analytics and such). I'm also more frequently checking the chat services as part of my work than wiki walls, so it should help get my attention faster if you need help with something. Miri-Nae can also help whenever he's around, and he's definitely in your time zone ;)

      I don't know the exact technical details, but the way Fandom's mobile site is set up causes tabview to not render the contents at all on mobile: - in general, the mobile site has been made with speed and low data usage as main consideration point, and page cross-loading is definitely not helping load speed.

      I'd really like to go in-depth more on the Discord server - since there's a lot I can say about that but far too much to put here in one day, and I can share images without needing to upload them on the wiki. Another example is that there's huge potential in improving the current infoboxes on a technical level (design is great as it is though, I think! :)). I'd appreciate if you gave it a try ->

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    • Hello :)

      Any updates?

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    • Let me know what would work best for you - we can go with Discord or Slack for setting up a discussion space to help with the tabview issue in detail.

      The hope of having this communication channel also is that it prevents us from not hearing from each other for almost 20 days - if using the chat server can cut that time in half or thirds, that's already a huge improvement and helps us get improvements on the tabview situation to the wiki faster. There are a lot of potential improvements we can work on together so mobile users have a better time navigating the site and exploring the content, and the wiki ranking even better on search engines, leading to more visitors.

      I'd really like to help you make the wiki even more successful :)

      Even if we don't manage to find a solution to the chat situation, I'll start looking into improvement opportunities and summarize one in the next 6 weeks so you can take a look and we can discuss from there.

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    • My apologies for being cut off for so long. Completely forgot about this thread, probably cause I'm more like an irregular contributor since years..

      I made a Discord account and joined the server, wrote a message in the #verification channel, and guess I can leave you a message there as soon as the mods grant me access to the relevant channel.

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    • A FANDOM user
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