1. This forum is part of a wiki that you can contribute to as well! You can check it out, search for info and help the wiki out!émon_Wiki 2. Be nice and treat people with respect. Keep discussions civil and be open-minded about differing opinions, and please do not use slurs or discriminatory insults. 3. No asking for or posting personal or confidential information about other users (especially under 13) without permission, such as real names, email or street addresses, financial details, dates of birth, ages, personal images of yourself, and so on. Think twice before posting any personal information about yourself. 4. Ask for help with social issues from a moderator if you need it, by using the "report post" button or going to a mod's wiki talkpage. 5. Off-topic conversations will be deleted. Posts that only say "hi", "hello" or just have emoji or emoticons in them will be deleted. 6. The wiki forum is public. Posts directed only at another user are not allowed - these belong in chat or the user's talkpage. 7. Threads and posts that solicit upvotes will be deleted. 8. Spamming, trolling, cussing or vandalizing of any kind will be deleted and will lead to your account being banned. Please do not link to external sites if the link you are providing has nothing to do with Pokémon or the discussed topic of your comment, or link to sites to promote an irrelevant product. Additionally, please do not type in all caps. It is annoying and the equivalent of shouting. 9. Impersonation of other users or famous people will not be tolerated. 10. If you have been banned and return on a new account, your posts will be deleted and your new account(s) will be banned. Even if you are not banned, creating multiple accounts to use the wiki or comment on Discussions without an adequate reason provided is construed as sock-puppetry and will result in a ban. 11. Videos are generally allowed to be posted. However, posting excessive video links and off-topic videos can be treated as spam. 12. If you notice something wrong or have a question, you can contact Wikia staff through "Give feedback" on the Settings screen. 13. Whenever writing a comment, try to ensure that it is understandable for everyone and try to write understandable grammar and sentences to the best of your ability to the point where people know what you're saying. As this is an English discussion board, comments written in a language other than English are not allowed as many people might not be able to understand it. 14. Asking about any downloads, or giving out links is illegal. This includes emulators, ROMs, anime episodes, malware, etc. This isn't a place to promote piracy or any related content. 15. Creating off-topic posts is strictly forbidden if you have a topic that does not suit any of the sections listed on the bar on the left side, and on-topic posts are regarded to be anything related to Pokémon or the wiki. All must use the Discord chat ( for unrelated topics, and all unrelated topics here will be treated as spam. If you do not have an account on Discord, you can create one, but under no circumstance should unrelated topics be given new threads in any of the main sections here, as it will result in serious consequences including warnings and bans due to being a common issue, even if you do not feel like using Discord. This goes for posts by all users except for moderators, and people may chat in such posts. 16. When you upload an image or post a link, keep these things into one post, by replying to your own post. Continuously making new posts floods the Discussions, and will be treated as spam. In addition, if a user has already posted similar content, reply to their post to keep the content into one place. Try not to double-post and if you have something that you forgot to include, just edit the post, and please do not make frivolous fluff posts just to inflate your post count. (The sole exception to the double posting rule is if you're the creator of the OP which neutrally gives information of a topic and you want to post your own opinion or comment afterward which belongs in its own post and not in the OP.) 17. Users can create roleplay posts only once per day, where people can roleplay. 18. Do not use Google Translate or any other machine translator to translate texts from non-English languages (especially languages like Japanese for example) if you do not actually understand the source material. This is the easiest way to spread misinformation, and is a form of pointless posting as well as something that has been a common issue within the Pokémon fandom in the past. Translations are to be done personally by trustworthy translators (you can translate as well if you know the source language of the material in question). This especially goes for longer or more complicated things such as incredibly complex anime summaries or complicated anime episode dialogue that you do need a translation for which are generally to be handled by Japanese-fluent users.
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