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• 5h

HELLO! I'm New To The Pokemon Fandom!

By The Way I'm Playing Pokemon Blue And I Dont Know An Area To Train My Level 16 Sandshrew Even Know My Other Five Pokemon Are At Levels Like 26 And 27
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• 5h

So much exitement!😁

Scorbunny, grookey,sobble pokemon sword and shield it's gen 8! We were right and I'm so excited for seeing new pokemon in the new games coming soon!
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• 6h

Super Training

Is Super Training good for EV training or am I wasting my time with it? I'm currently working to EV train a Torchic in Attack, Speed, and HP, and was wondering if Super Training was good for that since that's what I'm currently using. If it's not, what would be a good way to EV train my poke?

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• 8h

This is my drawing of Charizard.

I know its a bit slim.
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• 9h

Pokemon Sword and Shield

What can be the name if the evil team and the name of thr professor of Generation 8
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• 13h
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• 15h
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• 16h

Tell me Ash's worst pokemon

Tell name and reason
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• 17h

I have a question

Are ultra beasts bad or good
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• 22h

Strange pokemon question.

Can glitch pokemon be transported to a future generation? If yes, what would happen on the other side?

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• 23h

This is my drawing of mega charizard x

If you like I send more drawing
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• 24h

Which pokemon is related to pikachu?

I know there's a lot of electric type pokemon, but which one is more related to a pikachu? Do any of you guys know?
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• 1d

My competitive team

I'm currently working on building a competitive team on Pokemon Alpha Sapphire. Following is the team I'm working on (side note: the moves listed are either what I'm thinking of running or what's on my current proxy for each mon, and the items, natures, and abilities are either what I'm going to run or thinking about running on the poke or whatever you guys suggest [these will be marked with a '?']):


Nature: Adamant

Ability: Speed Boost

Item: ?


Sky Uppercut, Flamethrower, Shadow Claw, Stone Edge


Nature: Adamant

Ability: Super Luck

Item: Life Orb


Shadow Claw, Night Slash, Swords Dance, Psycho Cut


Nature: ?

Ability: ?

Item: ?


Gyro Ball, Meteor Mash, GrassKnot, Earthquake


Nature: ?

Ability: ?

Item: Magnet


Rain Dance, Thunder Punch, Thunder, Return


Nature: Adamant

Ability: ?

Item: Draco Plate/?


Flamethrower, Crunch, Dragon Claw, Fly

The next two are ones I'm just thinking about (I will chose one to add, I just need some time to think seriously about it):


Nature: Adamant/?

Ability: ?

Item: ?


Outrage/Dragon Pulse, Crunch, Hydro Pump, Dragon Dance


Nature: ?

Ability: Competitive

Item: Never Melt Ice/?


Aurora Beam/Ice Beam, Scald/Water Pulse, Mist/Hail, Water Gun

That's my party, as well as candidates for the final slot. I'm leaning heavily towards Milotic, because I can easily breed out Feebas with what I have in my game. Any and all advice is welcome and greatly appreciated.

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• 1d

Will Dia and Zeraora appear in Alola League?

Hey guys!As you know Dia owns Zeraora,and Zeraora is unknown to the real world in which Ash's classmates lives. So is it possible that Dia and Zeraora will challenge the Pokémon League?If so I am excited to see Pikachu vs Zeraora or Electric Mouse vs Thunder Cat⚡
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• 1d

Pokémon Opposites

in nature there are always forces that balance each other out and so I assume the same holds true with pokemon. so my question is which pokemon would be balance others out?

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• 1d

More beast to come!!

So finally pheromosa is appearing in the sun & moon anime..it will be debut on 24th March we all know that..but there is still one beast left that haven't debut in the anime..So who's that beast??...yeah guys it's kartana. Kartana haven't appear In the anime so hopefully it'll debut soon and then league...and then = Pokemon sword & shield. So yeah guys can't wait to happen this.

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• 1d
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• 2d

Hey guys, I need help....

Hey guys, I need help please send me some pokeballs in Pokemon Go game. I don't have any balls left, and I cannot go to a Pokestop so I need help please help me.....
My username is "Suravi7".
My friend code 7610 3136 8455.
Please help me.....
A friend in need is a friend in deed.
Please help me I need your help.....😢
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• 2d


I wanna ask I a Pokemon has only one move then will disable work?
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• 2d

Grace, talent and beauty of Ultra Beasts

The Ultra Guardians encounter an alluring Ultra Beast, who has super speed powers to elude them. A difficult fight is uphead.

Pokémon Sun And Moon Episode 114 Preview [HD]
Pokémon Sun And Moon Episode 114 Preview [HD] YouTube
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