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Pokemon Go friends!

Let's be friends in Pokémon GO! My Trainer Code is 2623 7901 8546!
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sadest movemoment 😞😞😔

a movement of movie mewtwo striks back
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Pokemon [AMV] Despacito: https://youtu.be/L_fQURNWU1k
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Pokemon video of Grennija

Pokemon Ash Greninja AMV - Overkill
Pokemon Ash Greninja AMV - Overkill YouTube
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A quick question

Is this the right place to put fan stories? Because I have one floating in my head and I'd like to get it out there for you guys to read.

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Good morning to everyone by Ash and Pikachu !

I wish everyone's morning would be full of joys and blessings..
Well today is my exam so please bless me good of luck !
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Smeargle in PoGo

So Pokemon Go was recently updated, and right smack on the loading screen is none other than... Smeargle! How do you think Smeargle will work? Will Sketch act like Copycat or Metronome, or will Smeargle hold command over any move in the entire game?

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Gen 8 Speculation

Hey guys! I haven't posted my own stuff in the discussions for a while, so I wanted to share something that I found while speculating for Gen 8.

Masuda has recently sent out a lot of strange tweets recently, but they may have meaning.

Recently, Masuda had posted a picture of a Weedle in Pokémon Go. Nothing to shady about that, right?

Well, we can connect that Weedle to a lot about speculation:

Weedle has the index number #13. A reliable leaker by the name of King Zell has stated that 13 will be a lucky number. King Zell has been known to leak various games and info about them including Smash Bros. and the L.O.Z remake in the recent Nintendo Direct. Due to Weedles index number being #13, we may have something.

Along with that, the stats of the Weedle also come into play. Its weight is 4.16 kg. The Pokémon #416 is Vespiquen. The Weedles CP is 199. The Pokémon #199 is Slowking. Vespiquen and Slowking are Queen and King. Not only that, the Weedle has 226 candies. This could reference a date of 2/26 or February 26th, which isn't that far away. February 26th could be a reveal date or a Pokémon Direct at the most. Weedle's typing as a Bug-type may also tie in, as, recently in the anime, a new "Bug Stone" was found. It doesn't seem to do anything to any known Bug-types (Charajabug can't use it), but what if it hinted at a new Pokémon or new evolution instead?

If you think this speculation is entirely crazy, there is some proof behind it. Masuda has leaked previous games through Pokémon Go. He tweeted out that a press conference has under way along with a Pikachu picture tagged with it. He also tweeted a picture of him in Pokémon Go with a partner Eevee and a Lucky Egg with the time 5:29. 5/29 or May 29th was the day before Let's Go Pikachu & Eevee were revealed. The Pikachu picture and partner Eevee were to hint at the next titles names.

Masuda doesn't stop at Pokémon Go leaks. He has leaked different pictures too. He has sent out TCG pictures of NidoKING and has sent out pictures of Milotic, a Pokémon often used by Pike QUEEN Lucy, in the games, manga, and anime. He also seems to be tweeting about how everything is cold or warm, which is also odd.

Sure, you can say this is all speculation, but it might be true. I'm not saying we can confirm that Pokémon King & Queen, Pokémon Crown & Scepter, or Pokémon Warm & Cold is a thing, but we can just hold onto this. After all, this is just little speculation. All of you have a nice day!

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How do you know when spring is coming?

When did you start playing pokemon go?

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Pokemon XYZ AMV One Last Battle
Pokemon XYZ AMV One Last Battle YouTube
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Cute straters

Frem gen 1 to gen 5
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Who would win

Sycther vs raichu
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Let's be friends in Pokémon GO! My Trainer Code is 4740 8219 1117!
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Which is the best eeveelution

For me it's sylveon
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